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Drip Irrigation Garden kit for 20 Plants

In stock
Pinolex Garden Landscape Spot Watering Kit. This kit contains everything you'll need to start or expand your Drip irrigation watering system. Water-saving Drip system includes 93-pieces to help start or expand your Drip irrigation system. Ideal for home gardening, terrace, flower beds, container plants as well as landscaped areas. This kit helps to provide healthier plant life by adding spot watering for 18 or more widely spaced plants. By applying water directly to the root zone, it helps to reduce evaporation and yields watering savings up to 65%. Included are adjustable drippers to meet different plant moisture needs and spacing. All watering devices are pressure compensating so they can be placed in any arrangement around your planting area. Contents 1.Main Supply Line Pipe - 25 Meters(16mm) 2.Feeder Line Pipe - 10 Meters(4mm) 3.Adjustable Dripper -20 pcs 4.Feeder to main supply line connectors - 20 pcs 5.Emitter Stakes - 20 pcs 6.Dummy - 5 pcs 7.Elbow connector - 5 pcs 8.'T' connector - 5 pcs 9.Straight connector with tap - 5 pcs 10.Straight connector - 5 pcs 11.Universal water tap adapter -1 pc 12.End cap -5 pcs 13.Drip hole "S" punch -1 pc. 14.Graphics Installation Manual

  • Adds spot watering for 18 or more widely spaced plants
  • One time set up is easy and the timer automates the process. No more dragging the hose around, Simple installation without digging or plumbing skills
  • Applies water directly to the root zone to reduce evaporation and yield watering savings up to 40%
  • Easily expandable with additional tubing and fittings (purchased separately)
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